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Government announces 130% tax incentive to invest in machinery

UK food and packaging manufacturers that have been considering a switch to thermal lamination will have an added incentive to do so after the Government announced a programme of tax ‘super deductions’ for plant/machinery and special rate assets. The new scheme will see businesses able to claim a 130% super-deduction capital allowance on qualifying plant […]

Laminating and Coating Flexible Packaging Materials

What different types of lamination or coating for flexible packaging materials? Flexible packaging materials are used in an increasing way globally, as they fulfil the need for reduced packaging volume and weight, and simplicity. In many cases, the material is laminated, to combine the properties of two different materials, or coated, to protect the printed […]

Cellcoat Systems Partners with S-OneLP to Bring Narrow Web Thermal Laminator to Market

Cellcoat Partners

We, Cellcoat Systems are pleased to announce our new partnership with S-One Labels & Packaging to bring the T14 Thermal Laminator to the narrow web labels and packaging market The T14 Thermal Laminator, with its compact design, provides accurate tension control and high-speed capability that are ideal for digital label and flexible packaging printing and converting, […]

See us there…Label Expo 2019

Instant Lamination. Label Expo 2019 Stand 7E36! Come and discuss Instant Lamination which is all made easy on our Cellcoat Topaz Laminator. Find out more by clicking on the link below: https://cellcoat.uk.com/machines/topaz

Which Laminate and Why?

Your Laminator: If your laminator delivers an adequate amount of pressure during the process, you can often use a standard film on a digitally printed job. Good pressure compensates for a weaker adhesive. Your Press: Depending on the type of ink/toner your press uses, this can influence your decision to use a standard or digital […]

Just adding the finishing touches

Our in-house trained engineers take personal pride in their machine builds.  Their skills extend to an holistic engineering approach including pneumatics, electrical, mechanical fitting and temperature control.  All this experience gives them what they need for installation and training for our valued customers. This Emerald 52 is a tried and tested work-horse of print finishing, […]

Does Lamination Film Expire?

Thermal laminating films are made by coating a film such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc. with a thermal polymer based plastic adhesive. During the extrusion coating process the adhesive is treated to increase its surface energy to a specific level which enhances the adhesives’ ability to wet-out as it is laminated onto the print which […]

Custom Build Project

This Emerald 52 laminator is a custom build project designed for high quality photo book production. Key features include: Learn more & watch the machine here http://cellcoat.uk.com/machines/emerald

Crated & Ready..

Today at #Cellcoat its enthusing to see another Emerald 52 Laminator crated & ready for export…We foil pack the machines & vacuum seal them to prevent moisture damage in transit.

Instant Lamination For Digital Print!

We’re almost ready for your visit!  See us at Label Expo 2017 next week where we’re showcasing our new solution – instant lamination for digital print. Our goal is to make your life easier.   Our vision is to revolutionise the finishing process for the digital printer. That’s why we’re delighted to reveal our new product to […]

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